152-40R mortise lock

152-40R Mortise lock

152-40R mortise lock is only one side of the tongue, is mainly used on frequent access to shops, cinemas, hotels and other doors as well as hotels, office buildings and other access door.
510-45R mortise lock-45R mortise lock

510.45R Mortise lock

510-45R mortise lock mortise lock is also called, generally by the handle, lock cylinder, lock body composed of three parts, is mounted on the interior doors, security doors, mostly, but also one of the most common locks on the market.
521-40-72 mortise lock

521.40-72 Mortise lock

521-40-72 mortise lock in accordance with national standards of production quality control to ensure the quality and stability, in the years of production, we have been insisting the quality first, at this point has also been recognized by the majority of users
521-40R-72 mortise lock

521.40R-72 Mortise lock

521-40R-72 mortise lock is a professional mortise lock, with a new design and production, while the high quality of the equipment to ensure the user's safety
522-40R-72 mortise lock

522.40R-72 Mortise lock

522-40R-72 mortise lock through professional design and production, after the production of high-quality equipment to ensure the stability of product performance, 522-40R-72 mortise lock lock industry Jianhua quality production standards.
tongue Lock

Tongue Lock

tongue Lock
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