Our senior engineers in understanding the needs, based on your actual situation and characteristics of the finished product selection, configuration, inventory, and maintenance of the system implementation plan consulting services, senior engineers will provide you with suggestions optimal configuration, you will feel the perfect pre-professional consulting services.

The specific process is as follows:
First step: contact us, to our engineers a simple description of your specific application requirements;
Step two: our engineers according to your specific requirements you made a most suitable proposal and answer technical questions you care about;
Step Three: If you need, you can contact the engineers come to visit, to do product demonstrations, configure the system can also go to my company site visits;
Step Four: We provide end hardware and software system solutions, product pricing.

Maintenance Service:
Warranty period, that where the problem caused by our equipment or construction, we are committed to be responsible for a comprehensive settlement, and timely replacement of maintenance related equipment.
We are committed long been engaged in the operation of such systems engineering, in order to ensure rapid replacement of damaged equipment. Free delivery system expansion, upgrading of technical support services.