Corporate Culture

Our company is an enterprise, it is a cause! Pragmatic choice to make Cangzhou Jianhua Lock Co. relentless pursuit of lofty goals plot governance expert learning organization, rational and realistic company's corporate culture will push higher, farther ......
"Teachers, dedication, innovation, efficiency," "strict requirements, vigorous and resolute," diligent discreet, seeking unity without something to show off to deduce, from outside the development of a good atmosphere.
Core philosophy: to create a perfect, social services
Entrepreneurial spirit: Respect, dedication, innovation, efficiency
Enterprise style: strict requirements, vigorous and resolute
Team spirit: unity together, surmount
Development strategy: high-quality, high level of service
Development Goals: the domestic first-class enterprise
Talent concept: competent at their jobs is the talent, innovation and pioneering talents is
Business purposes: rational, effective, safe
Technology Mission: absorbing, high courage
Quality objectives: high standards, zero defect
Market principles: the creation of the market and guide the market
Development philosophy: innovative technology, Ericsson century
Enterprise faith: Innovation is the life
Service concept: day commitment, Ericsson century
Services: world affairs, the customer is top priority
Pledge: Once selected, every worry